University of Toronto - MBA Class of 1970

35th Reunion - June 2005

We took the RCYC launch across Toronto harbour.

The reception was held on the second floor of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club

The assembled class of 1970

Liz Lesslie, Jim Griffiths, Tom Pick

Jim Sigurdson, Andy Bunkis

Enzo DeLuca, Dean Roger Martin

Tony Kalvik, Maureen Pappin, Page Abbot

Michael Beamish, Dean Roger Martin, Chuck Johnston

Bill Hellings, Ron Baker, Mark Cooper, Tony Kalvik

Gord Landon, Enzo DeLuca

Steve Whitelaw, Michael Beamish, Peter Legault

Mark Cooper, Paul Striowski, Tony Kalvik

Maureen Pappin, Liz Lesslie

Liz Lesslie, Chuck Johnston, Paul Halpern, Tom Pick

At the golf day: Bob Brema, Enzo DeLuca, Bruce Ferguson & Paul Halpern

Bill Hellings, Ron Baker, Michael Beamish & Chuck Johnston

Gerry Aho, Peter Legault, Dennis Schwartz & Ron Lohin (Alumni Association)


Updated 21 June 2005 - AB. Photos courtesy Chuck Johnston