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Our apartment was on Rua Nascimento Silva, a couple of blocks from Praça General Osoria.

Inside the security fence.

Across the street was the Padaria Santa Marta (the patron saint of fresh bread). Fresh paozinhos warm from the oven topped with Doce de Leite for breakfast!

View from our patio, looking toward Ipanema beach.

The view away from the beach. The lights up the hillside are Cantagallo favela. On the left is a derelict unfinished building. 45 years ago it had a restaurant with a wonderful view of Ipanema. A few more lights now, but still an unfinished derelict.

One day we took the subway to the centre of town.  Interestingly, the fare for us seniors was free.

Street fair downtown.

Lunch at Colombo’s. Super rich pastries washed down with some guarana.

Lunch at a beach kiosk in Ipanema. Can you believe that Bonnie has a mug of beer in front of her?

In the background the fellows are playing volley ball, using football rules.

These fellows are playing ping-pong with a soccer ball using football rules.

Our roof-top pool with the Dois Irmaos in the background. Comforting to know that the two brothers are supervising Ipanema.

We shared the pool with this delightful couple from Büdingen Germany. If you do not understand the reference, ask me.

Our apartment was next to the former residence of Tom Jobim.

One night we had dinner at the “Garoto de Ipanema” restaurant. Can you sing the lyrics on this chart? This restaurant happens to be on Rua Vinícius de Moraes.

Our boat excursion from Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande.

We were not the only ones visiting Ilha Grande. That’s quite a traffic jam.

Swimming off the boat. The water was perfectly clear & you could see lots of fish.

Lunch on Ilha Grande, a feijoada banquet.

Visiting an old church on Isla Grande.

We also visited Buzios and another boat cruise. Ask me why this town is famous.

Hippie Feira at praça General Osorio.

Bonnie buys me a new belt.

Our old apartment was right next to Praça General Osorio. There is a postoffic on the ground floor, The floor above is the party deck.

Rua Viera Souto, the beachfront street in Ipanema. Our old apartment is about 4 block up from this point and one block to the left

Relaxing on a dull day. (There are dull days in Ipanema?)

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